My low cost make-up routine



This is a “special post” about my make-up routine; it takes me a lot of time to find a natural and “every day” make up, but at the end I find it! So let’s go! ;-)

1 Step

Foundation. I have a big problem and I think I’m not the only one, OILY skin! I hate it, because when it’s time to put foundation on my skin after two hours is a disaster, but I find the good one:

Maybelline DREAM MAT mousse (21 Nude Beige Suave)

Forget oily skin and spots! :-P


2 Step

Compact Powder. I have a really light skin and I need a little bit of tan, I think that’s not good to put dark colors because they don’t look natural so,

 before go on a beauty shop and have a make up artist that helps you to find the right tone.

I found my powder at H&M and it’s really good:

COMPACT POWDER (15. Deep Beige)


3 Step

Blush. Apply a small amount of blush to the apples of your cheeks. It’s better to smile so you can see the apple of your cheeks ;-)

Blush for me is really important, because my cheeks are not really high! So I have to stand out them! :-)

H&M BLUSHER (12. Dazzling Peach)


4 Step

Line your eyes. Before I used to use black pencil, but I think that liquid eye liner is better, because is long-lasting and it gives a better light on the eyes!

For the blonde with blue eyes I think that black is the best color, for blonde with dark eyes, black or brown are both good colors!

(For smokey eyes it’s better to use an eye pencil ;-))

If you want to use Liquid eye liner start applying the eyeliner from the begin of the eyelid till the end of the eye where the line become thicker and after create a triangle that rejoins the eyeliner.

On this picture I’m using RIMMEL London Liquid Eye Liner (Black)


5 Step

Mascara. I found the best mascara ever, before I used to buy Chanel, YSL, Lancome, but I think that are always the same.

The good one is the DAY 2 NIGHT Mascara from RIMMEL London, there is a Lenght part and a Volume one.

Lenght: Exceptionally defined and ultra-lengthened lashes

Volume: Thickens lashes with voluptuous, oversized volume

DSC_0328_mini DSC_0329_mini

6 Step

Lipstick. If you want to be natural it’s good to chose a lip gloss or a light lipstick, I think that my CHANEL (Rouge Allure Velvet 42) it’s natural, but also classy.


So, let me know what you think about it ;-)

Have a nice day and a good make-up time! 



25 thoughts on “My low cost make-up routine

  1. My make-up routine is basically the same. Except I don’t use foundation, either compact powder. Just a concealer where necessary. This gives me a look as if I was wearing some foundation cause my skin looks nice and healthy. I also use an eye-liner cause it really is better for all the reasons you mentioned! Once I discovered it, there’s no turning back!;) I agree with you on this everyday look! It’s a perfect way to show off your beauty and still look very natural!

      • Better for you! Oily skin stays young-looking for much longer than any other! I know now you may not like it, but you’ll appreciate it when you’re more mature, and see how young you still look comparing to your friends ;).

        Thank you! I wish you a lovely day too!:)


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