My fancy “She Inside”!

Hello, hello sweeties! :-)

How are you? Today I’m here with a great selection of my favourite pieces on SHE INSIDE! This is a great and cool E-Shop, where you can find anything you want; I think that there is a big variety of stuff for every kind of style! :-)

She Inside is a really great E-Shop not only for the great pieces, but also for their kindness and the attention with their customer! 

But the point is… Where is She Inside? In the world!! Yes, because with worldwide shipping you can have all in every part of the world! :-)

My lovely followers, if you like my style, I think that the pictures below can inspired you a lot! ;-)

Let me know what do you think about this cool site and maybe have a look at it on: ! :-)

Have a nice day!

Bisous Bisous :-)

Blouse and skirt

1.Denim Blouse  2.Floreal Blouse  3.Striped T-Shirt  4.Black Blouse  5.Prince de Galles Blouse  6.Painted Skirt  7.Floreal Denim Shorts  8.Baroque Skirt

Outwear and jewellery

1.Blue and Black Motorcycle Jacket  2.Blue Coat  3.Black Coat With Leather Sleeves  4.Green Coat With Leather Sleeves  5.Earrings  6.Spiked Necklace  7.Belt Bracelet  8.Fruit Ring


1.Bart Simpson Sweater  2.Robot Sweater  3.Black Fluffy Sweater  4.White Tiger Sweatshirt  5.Rose Sweater  6.Zebra Sweater


42 thoughts on “My fancy “She Inside”!

  1. thank you for the comment on my blog! glad i got to see yours as well, it’s cute! (and loved some of this items, like the top nr. 5. and the skirt nr. 8.

  2. I’m so glad you commented and I found your blog, love it! I have never heard of this site and love so many of these pieces. Definitely going to have to place an order, thank you so much for introducing it to me:)

  3. Reblogged this on My Style Recipe and commented:

    Hello sweeties!!!
    I’m packing for Florence, so I don’t really had the time yesterday and today, to updating you with another outfit!!! But tomorrow you will see something new!! Here is a “Reblog” of one of my last post! Have a nice day!
    Bisous Bisous ;-)

    Ciao dolcezze! :-)
    Mi sto preparando per partire a Firenze e per questo non ho avuto molto tempo di aggiornare il mio blog con un nuovo outfit! Ma domani vi prometto che ci sarà qualcosa di nuovo! :-P Qui, per chi magari non l’avesse ancora visto c’è un Reblog di uno dei miei recenti post! :) Buona giornata!
    Bisous Bisous

  4. Bellissima selezione!Mi piace un sacco quel sito ma non ho ancora acquistato niente!Devo provvedere :p
    Ti va di scambiarci il like su facebook?


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