It seems to be spring!


Hello :-)

I can’t believe that I’m here with a new post! :-) Sorry for my absence, but sometimes “real life” call me! :-)

Here in these photos, you can see my new earcuffs from H&M, I really love them, but I want to buy some other great, that I saw in ASOS!

Do you like earcuffs? Someone says that it’s a must this year! :-)

Uhh, I’m super excited! I will have a new entry in a few days… a really, really, REALLY COOL, pair of shoes!!! :-) Can’t wait for them anymore!

Are you curious? Stay tuned on My Style Recipe! :-P

Bisous Bisous


Ciao! :-)

Non ci posso credere, finalmente eccomi qui a scrivervi un nuovo post! :-) Scusate la mia assenza, ma a volte “la vita reale” mi chiama! :-)

In queste foto, potete vedere i miei nuovi “earcuffs” di H&M, mi piacciono davvero tantissimo, ma ne ho visto un paio davvero fantastico su ASOS, e voglio comprarli! 

Cosa ne pensate degli “earcuffs”? Vi piacciono? Si dice che siano un must quest’anno! :-)

Uhh, sono emozionatissima! E’ in arrivo una new entry… un bellissimo, issimo, issimo, paio di scarpe!!! :-) Non vedo l’ora che arrivino!

Siete curiosi? Rimanete aggiornati su My Style Recipe! :-P

Bisous Bisous

I Was Wearing:

Leather Leggings, Sweater and Earcuffs: H&M

Leopard Jacket: Etam

Black Shoes: Le Colisée De Sacha

Bag: Balenciaga

DSC_0257_miniDSC_0140_mini-1 DSC_0129_mini-1 DSC_0120_mini DSC_0212_mini DSC_0200_miniDSC_0152_mini DSC_0285_miniDSC_0119_mini-1DSC_0325_mini DSC_0334_mini


69 thoughts on “It seems to be spring!

  1. Hey!
    Thanks for stopping by my page :)
    I absolutely love your outfits! … I was so excited when I saw all of the Italian on your blog… I studied/lived in Florence for several months… and I have to go back! I would love to live there one day.
    Anyway, I have been trying to keep up with my Italian, so reading your posts may actually help! haha
    Hope you’re having a great week!
    – Caroline

  2. Oh, gosh! It is spring there and it is oficially autumn here, in Brazil! uff.. :-(
    Anyways,loved the leather leggings and… your little friend! Have almost the same here!
    ciao from Brazil!

  3. Fun mix of textures on both the jumper and the legging pants!

    Good thoughts from Washington, D.C.,
    x Kel of Stylesmiths

    Check out the spring accessories giveaway on Stylesmiths!

  4. I love ear cuffs, I found some great ones from ebay (take a look at my post Having fun with….to see them). I have to say I am a little jealous of the spring over there, here it is still snowy and cold. Cannot wait to bring out my heels and thinner jackets. Enjoy the sunny days:-)


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