Skirt or Shorts?


Hello my beloved followers!

After these super busy days, I had a lot to study :-(, I’m back with a new outfit, one of my favorite I think!

Last week when I went to Zara I saw this awesome and I totally felt in love! 

What do you think about this style? I love bare legs, finally winter is gone! I’m feel free :-)

Of course stay tuned on My Style Recipe, because I will post the GIVEAWAY WINNER and also some interesting news!

Love you all,

Bisous Bisous


Ciao a tutti i miei amati followers!

Dopo questi giorni super impegnativi (avevo tantissimo da studiare :-(), sono tornata con un nuovo outfit e penso sia uno dei miei preferiti!

L’altra settimana ero da Zara e ho intravisto questa bellissima gon..pant… gonna-pantalone? E me ne sono innamorata!

Cosa ne pensate di questo stile? Amo le gambe senza collant, finalmente l’inverno se ne è andato! Mi sento libera :-)

Ah, ovviamente rimanete connessi su My Style Recipe, perché a breve posterò il nome del VINCITORE DEL GIVEAWAY e sono in arrivo tante news interessanti!

Bisous Bisous

DSC_0155_mini DSC_0123_mini DSC_0111_miniDSC_0089_miniDSC_0078_miniDSC_0073_miniDSC_0067_miniDSC_0113_mini DSC_0057_miniDSC_0062_mini


56 thoughts on “Skirt or Shorts?

  1. I love this skirt-shorts and I’ve been looking for it in every Zara store in Bulgaria and couldn’t find it :( it’s lovely! I also love your jewelry and the bag!

  2. Wow, this is really nice! great colour combination too :) gorgeous! :D
    Could you return the favor by looking at my fashion blog,and about me page, please make sure to leave a comment thanks :D

  3. Love this look!!! Ive seen these “shorts” at Zara and thought they would be too short for me… but after seeing your post today, it just confirmed that i needed to have them! thanks for the inspiration!!
    thebleachedblonde… (Enza)

      • I wish I could type and speak well in Italian but I don’t :(. I understand and can read in Italian. I need much improvement on my italian speaking .. my family is from Sicily but I was raised in Toronto, so my Italian is very broken.

        Thanks for your comment.
        Please continue your stylish posts, I truly enjoy them!!

        I need to get more organized so i can post my pictures… I have 2 little kids that keep me very busy.

      • Did u receive my reply?
        Anyhow, I love all your looks!!! I just saw the swimsuit one…. 😘 Love it!
        I mentioned in an earlier reply that I don’t speak very good Italian but understand most.
        Hope you are still enjoying the south of Italy !
        Xoxo Enza

      • Xo. Takes care. We may be planning a trip to Italy this summer, if we do I will definitely see if we can at least share a coffee together.
        I’ve been so busy and sick I hope to update my blog soon and show you my Zara skirt outfit.. I wore it to my surprise birthday party ;)

      • I will have a look at your new post for sure :-) let me know when u post it :-)
        And take care too, hope you re fine now and may be see you in Italy


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