The new polo


Polo is a classic, there are polos with long and short sleeves, in basic colors or neon colors.

It’s good for work and good for golf!

You can wear it with a jeans, a skirt or with a leggings and you’ll always look great!

The polo is versatile for any season from winter to summer!

I love my new polo because is not the usual one, I think that this shape and the material a kind of neoprene are giving to this look a vibrant touch!

Have a lovely monday even if monday is not lovely :-P

Enjoy this recipe!

Bisous Bisous


La polo è un classico, ci sono polo a manica corta altre a manica lunga, nei colori classici, ma anche in colori sgargianti!

La polo va bene sia su un campo da golf e anche in ufficio!

La si può indossare con un jeans, una gonna o anche con un leggings e di sicuro il look sarà perfetto!

La polo la si può indossare da un freddo inverno ad una calda estate!

Io amo la mia nuova polo, perché non è la solita polo, penso che la forma particolare a “cono” e il materiale, ovvero una sorta di neoprene rendano questo look più vivo!

Vi auguro uno splendido lunedì anche se il lunedì non può essere splendido :-P

Gustatevi questa ricetta!

Bisous Bisous

DSC_0215_miniDSC_0002_mini DSC_0065_mini DSC_0057_mini DSC_0021_mini DSC_0019_miniDSC_0008_mini DSC_0007_mini DSC_0006_miniAs usual I love to post what he was wearing my photographer (my boyfriend), but I’m a little bit scared, maybe he wants to have an own blog??? :-P

He love’s Church slip-on and you?

DSC_0183_mini DSC_0171_mini


37 thoughts on “The new polo

  1. This look certainly works for you! It’s a perfect mix of casual and fancy, so I understand why you love wearing this outfit so much. I love your hair in these pictures by the way!

    des bisous
    (>^o^<) Adeline

  2. I agree with you: polos are atemporal and always look great :)
    Thanks for your lovely comment and visit
    Have a nice day



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