I really love animals and that’s not a secret, but sometimes I don’t like to share photos of my dogs, because I think that they’re part of my private life;

last week I received an interesting mail from Stile di Moda, they asked me to take a photo with my dog and put it on they’re website to show people how a fashion blogger can be also an animal lover,

and first of all to let know people about all the abandoned dogs and the tragic mistreatment!

So I said YES! I will show you my dog..S, my family and also my best friends!

I think that I’m the right person, I love all animals from an insect to a lion, I love to feed pigeons on the street of my city and every time that I saw sad films with animals I cry like a baby!

It’s difficult to explain my love for animals here, people who knows me sometimes think that I’m crazy, but I don’t care! :-)


It was not so easy to take this picture, but my boyfriend did a great job!

If you like it, you can vote my picture HERE , you have only to like the page and click on “vota” on my photo!

I really would like to spread this cause in the entire world!

Enjoy this recipe, 

Bisous Bisous



14 thoughts on “I LOVE MY DOGs

  1. I get it I’m a big animal lover. I have two chihuahua that I consider my best friends if you want to see them here it my instagram link beautify11jackie. You look amazing and this picture its outstanding. Great post.

  2. I am planning something similar with my kittens one day… :)
    Just kidding. :) They are okay with being outside at the balcony…


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