W e e k – S e l e c t i o n

Hello, hello :)

Ok, I’m really sorry about all this “no blogging period”.

December was a really busy month and after the little break of xmas holiday, flu and cough came to visit me for 10 days, now I feel better, but not so much to shoot on outfit on the cold :-P

But here there are some of my fav pieces that I will definitely buy, what do you think?

I will change something on my wardrobe, I think that I need more basics


1.  Coat – Just Female  2. Chained Boots – Zara  3. Zipped black trousers – Zara  4.  Leather Backpack – Hide 


Screenshot 2014-01-08 17.33.53

Screenshot 2014-01-08 17.48.41Zaino


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