S h o p – m y – c l o s e t


Do you remember my MSR shop?

I add some new really great stuff, and you can see them here.

Some pieces have never been worn or just a couple of times.

Hope that I can make some of you happy and I can make happy my wardrobe,

– I R E A L L Y N E E D T O C L E A N I T –


T h r e e

There are things that you need in three.

Pictures by Piera Anastasia

Three winter quick dry nail lacquer:

– The red one for the big nights

– The black one for some monochrome, basic and everyday looks

– The brown/plum one for everyday


Three basic panties (these are from Tezenis 3×9,90€):

You need them in grey, black and if you prefer white instead of dark grey it’s good.


Three everyday accessories:

– A classic ring (this is from Dodo Pomellato 100% amore)


– A watch (the one in the picture is from Lightime)


– A classic bracelet (this is the monogram bracelet from Louis Vuitton)


Three pair of everyday trousers:

– A light one, it’s seems strange, but in winter with a grey coat it’s a good look.

– A leather one, for a more grunge style.

– A denim one, for a walk, a day at University or a lunch with some friends.


Three pair of sunglasses (these are from ZeroUV you can buy them HERE):

– A round one, to have a retro style.

foto 3

– A big one, to save you in the morning after a nigh out.

foto 1

– A special one, to be stylish.


H a p p y – B i r t h d a y #msr


One year ago I decided to start my fashion diary,

with the help of my Alberto.

It came up in those months that blogging is like an adventure: great times, good news and cooperations, bad days where nobody can’t take you a picture and the most important thing:


Some people think that to be a “fashion blogger” is “easy”, but really, that’s not true I must say.

But the fact is that I love my blog and I love to share with my followers all my fashion steps.

I like to call my looks, “steps”, because if I go back on the first posts, I can see that my outfits were so different and I can see an evolution and not only of my style, but of me.

I know it’s only the beginning, but I have to say that all this little world that I built this year it couldn’t exist without the help of Albi and you of course, my dearest followers!

I will celebrate this one year of #msr with a special gift for you, 

so I’m pleased to say it again: S T A Y – T U N E D