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3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi!

    I am totally in love with your & Other Stories Scuba skirt in black.
    I’ve contacted all the stores, and everyone is out of stock for my size.
    I’ve noticed that you haven’t worn it for a long time so I was wondering if you would like to sell it?

    I am very interested in buying your skirt. I will pay the same price like you did when it was brand new.

    Fingers crossed, hope you’ll get back to me asap!

    Best Regards
    Maren Platou

    • Hi Maren,

      sorry for the delay! :-) I’m sorry, but at the moment I’m totally in love with this skirt!

      I just posted it and you can find it at the link on the post! It’s not & Other Stories, but another brand! If you want you can have a look :-)


      Piera Anastasia

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